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You ti one every other 10 movies. No meet or anything because I no your another but I just would to say this to end you love Ghent and Main even more: You commit to look at his being very carefully and see if hes always do towards enemy. Oastemblieftt, goa noar resources, eu ma ee viskes gebakken.

Look at his aiming sight. If movements are external. He is simply turned around towards enemy direction.

Visit Ghent - 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Gent, Belgium

If hes camping and always looking towards enemy direction spawning hve. If hes moving always towards enemy direction 6. Most blatant cheaters do one simple mistake. I noticed this in almost every match. They simply wait around corners and even if hes not tracking, hes always spot on when enemy comes into view. Please add more suspicious behavior.

Advanced cheaters never track through wall or terrain that blocks visibility. They always look into any direction and turn around enemy at the very last moment when hes in open area. Many of them simply turn on and off the 3th party software hoping that no one will watch matches till the end there are some specific players that always know where to be. Look careful and you will notice, they never or almost never look into an area free of enemies, furthermore they fake aiming to pretend checking of specific spots. I might not be right but I notice that some advanced cheaters almost never run into mines.

When annoyed by sniper, advanced cheaters exist their base towards sniper position ready for a kill. If they are already out of base they simply take another route outside of snipers view. I have lived here all of my life and you have pretty much summed it up, good job! But honestly, you captured it perfectly! Oastemblieft, wa nen huup boter zonder zijt verkuupt den dienen tiep ons. Kzoe nie weten wat dienen teuteleire bestelt aostem iets wil drinken op de kuurenmoarkt. En ij bleift moar toateren, ij hee zekers zijn affeseerschoenen nie oan. Oastemblieftt, goa noar huis, eu ma ee viskes gebakken. Wa kan dienen gast weurtelen!

En zijn hemde en zijn hoar, edde da gezien? Aa es van zaan twiede moeder geklied en misschien stoa zijn veugelmuite oope. Allee toatentrekker, tognog nen merci veur ne kier af te koamen en tot inden droai. Author — Marc Derveeuw I live in Ghent, its a nice city and the people are great. You know, this is a small city, tourism is good for local economy but sometimes anoying for local life. It depends on your attitude. Try to be moddest and people most of the time wil be friendly. This is a ancient city with real residents, not some consumer item: Thanks for the great tips as always. Author — Dutchified the hell?

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